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 PLEASE NOTE: e-Skills E-portfolio has been upgraded to v1.4, which offers more logical navigation and naming conventions.  To learn more about the new updated features:

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e-SKills E-portfolio is supported by the SA Framework Unit to enable people to create their own e-portfolio, and trial using an e-portfolio with small groups of students (<20).  If you would like to use the e-SKills E-portfolio for larger groups (>20) of students please 'Contact Us'.

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What is an e-portfolio?

An e-portfolio is a learn-driven collection of digital artefacts articulating experiences, achievements and evidences of learning.

e-Skills E-portfolios is a fully featured electronic portfolio, weblog, resume builder and social networking system, connecting users and creating online communities by providing you with the tools to set up a personal learning and development environment.

Currently the Australian Flexible Learning Framework is funding a national E-portfolios project to explore many of the issues and challenges around the use of e-portfolios to support the VET sector.

Visit the E-portfolios website at:

Read updates to the project on the E-portfolios blog:

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Join the Eportfolio Conversations and share their Mahara experiences at the EpCoP planning site.

Some useful information can also be found at:
JISC (2008) Effective Practice with e-Portfolios: Supporting 21st Century Learning

To learn more about e-Skills support and assistance with e-learning: 


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